Who Should Attend!

Are you interested in becoming a Y2K Wastepreneur? Are you disturbed about the state of filth in your neighbourhood or the inefficiencies of waste management in your surroundings? Are you sad about the wastage of Wastes in your ambience? Are you restless and will like to take a proactive action about the situation? Will you like to start a Sustainable Waste Management Business?


Will you like to empower young people or disadvantaged women around you? Will you like to equip them with ”Green Nets to Fish in the Waste Business Sector”, Will you like to support them with a Sustainable and Lifelong business skills, that will not run out of raw materials or fuel.


Will you like to empower political support youths in your Wards or Constituencies? Will you like to support and reward your Campaign Team and Community with a gift that will outlive your Tenure?


Are you interested in becoming an Oil & Gas Exploration Waste Collector? Come and learn how to become one? You will be matched with an exploration waste generator and an off-taker for the Oil & Gas Waste plus the funding to Start-Up.


Then this Wastepreneur Master Class is for you! Holding during the Zero Waste Fair & Conference in Abuja, on 30th September and 1st October 2019.


You or your nominated Wastepreneur Delegate, can become a Paper/Cardboard Collector, a Can Collector, A Glass bottle Collector, Metal & Steel Waste Collector or E-Waste Collector or all Plastic Collector or you can be a Used Lead Batteries Collector and other types of Waste Collectors. You can be a Waste to Energy Manager or Waste to Compost Manager with the aid of special purpose equipment/products. You can become a Waste to Arts Wastepreneurs or Waste To Biodigester Wastepreneurs.


The good news is that, at the end of this Master Class, you will earn an International CPD Certificate, your business will be registered with CAC immediately at the event at a subsidized rate, you will be able to access Sustainable and sensible funding for your Start- Up, and you will be matched with locations where you can collect the type of Wastes that you choose and you will be matched with Off Takers who will take your collection for a fee. You will also be paired for 2 weeks to 1 month internship to experience your trade.


What’s more? You are on your way to becoming a Sustainable Wastepreneur, with no fear of dearth of raw materials.


Take advantage of this Master Class to be among the first secured movers before the new Sustainable Waste Management Law comes into force. Register Now!