Wastepreneur Workshop/Master Classes.


Wastepreneur Master Classes will run simultaneously on the 2 days. There will be 10 Break Out Master Classes for training on how to be an ” Exclusive Wastepreneur”.


The syllabus will be covering Plastic management, Can management, Glass management, Paper & Cardboard management, E-waste management, Used Lead Batteries, Used Tyre Waste Management, Organic Waste management,  Construction Waste Management, Waste to Arts, Exploration & Marine Waste Management, Feacal Waste/Biodigester Management and Waste to Electricity. Others will be Customer relations & retention, Marketing & Sales, Legal Registration, Tax Compliance, Business Plan, Financial management, Digital marketing and Security Skills at Workplace.


Courses will be at N125,000 (This is inclusive of Limited Liability company name registration with CAC at Conference-  Limited Liability- N1million shares. Details would have been submitted ahead during online pre-registration, CAC Certificates will be ready at the Conference.)


  • Plastic/Pet/Can/Bottles/Paper Management Master Class. – N125,000
  • Conversion of Pure Water Nylon to Waste Bag-                      N125,000
  • Organic Waste Management Master Class                           – N125,000
  • Feacal Waste/Bio-Digester Construction & Management Master Class. – N195,000
  • Waste to Arts Master Class- N175,000
  • Waste Characterization Master Class. N155,000
  • Oil & Gas Exploration & Marine Waste Collection Master Class N200,000.
  • E-Waste Management Master Class – N155,000
  • Used Lead Batteries Management Master Class  –  N155,000 
  • Design & Conversion of Sea-Container Waste to Homes & Offices – N175,000                                                                                                                                    


Workshop Deliverables.

  • Bankable Business Plan for each category.
  • CAC Business Name Registration. Certificate will be ready at the Conference.
  • EDI NASME Training Certificate of Attendance that qualifies for access to CBN AGMEIS Loan. (SME Loan, Up to N10million at 5% interest rate for a 5-7 year tenure & Access to Islamic Banking Business Support Funding from Jaiz Bank)
  • CPD International Certificate & GreenBiz Training Certificate.
  • Official Bank Account Opening with one of our Partners Bank.
  • Online payment gateway registration for your business.
  • Matching with Off-Takers for Internship opportunity and Continuous patronage thereafter.
  • Unlimited Networking with Industry’s Stakeholders.
  • Sustainability Kits.
  • Tea Break & Lunch for the 2 days. 1 Ticket for the Green Business Champions Award Dinner Event.
  • Discounted Accommodation Rates on Rooms at Partners Hotels.
  • Discounted Transport Rates and Flight Tickets with Transportation & Airline Partners.


You can self-nominate or nominate someone and pay for them as part of your Green CSR for the year!


Give Someone In need and Deserving, a Net to Fish and They will Treasure It For Life!

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