GREEN BUSINESS CHAMPIONS AWARDS 2019 – Categories and Criteria.

The following are the Categories and Criteria for the 2019 Green Business Champions Awards recognizing and celebrating Organizations, Teams and Personalities that are championing the cause of ‘’green business operations’ in Nigeria. Green business operations are deliberate practices to reduce waste and negative environmental impact of our business operations on our immediate environment and constituencies, including our staff. Reduction in energy waste, waste water, materials and wasted raw materials for our operations. Achieving this waste reduction in all of our operations will be fulfilling the advocated ‘’Green Principles’’ by UNFCCC- United Nations Framework Convention On Climate Change as antidote for Climate Change negative effects.

This is a Clarion Call for Action! Let us all take Action in our respective spaces and territories. Together, we can stem the tide of Climate Change!

Please send your nomination for the categories that best represent your operations, with details of your operations that deserve to be recognized!