Day 2.

Panel Session 6.

  1. Sustainable Trade and Investment.

No nation can survive in isolation and so they all have to trade and exchange goods, services and ideas at agreed terms for parties. Delays in processes surrounding trade usually can be a sort of wastage to all parties as it eventually costs a lot and could be unavoidable loss to all parties. To discuss how delays in processes and terms of agreement implementation causes wastage to process and way forward to reduce and eventually stop all these avoidable wastages through deployment of relevant technology are representatives of the following organizations;

  1. Minister of Trade and Investment- Keynote Speaker
  2. Mr. Nduka Udeh- Shop to my Door.-  Keynote Speaker
  3. Dangote Industry
  4. Toyota
  5. Dhl
  6. SON- Standard Organization of Nigeria
  7. CBN
  8. Nigerian Customs.
  9. NPA- Nigerian Ports Authority
  10. LADOL
  11. NIPC
  12. NEPC
  13. UNIDO

Moderator – Mrs. Ini Abimbola.

  • Sustainable Waste Generation and Management – Hospitality & Built Industries.

The Construction industry is a very large sector generating a large amount of varied waste from concrete to block to iron to wood to excavate and bitumen. These wastes are generally not sustainably managed yet. In this Panel Session, discussant will be dissecting the statuesque and adopting the new order of sustainable construction waste management. They will also be discussing the Facility management sector and how more sustainable the practice can be when they adopt biodegradable washing solution and more energy efficient solutions and zero waste systems in their practice as it cuts across the Office Complexes, Residential Estates, Airline, Hospitality/Hotels and University Sectors who all make use of Facility Management Solutions and Services.. To discuss this sector are representatives from ;

  1. Alpha Mead Facility Management Company
  2. Julius Berger
  3. NUC
  4. Babcock University
  5. Pazzino EZZ Construction
  6. Nigerian Railway Corporation
  7. Federal Airport Authority of Nigeria.- FAAN.
  8. Delta Airline
  9. Institute of Global Facility Management, Abuja- Registrar.
  10.  IFMA.
  11.  Arik Airline
  12. Niagara Conservation- High Water Efficient WC.

Moderator – Engr. Olumide Aina.

  • Panel Session 3-  Sustainable Hospitality Sector Waste Management (Airlines, Hotels and Tourism destinations, NURTW) –

Research has shown that the hospitality sector generates the most solid waste ever as people move around all over the global village. To discuss commitment to sustainable waste management in the sector are representatives from these companies;

  1. Ministry of Aviation
  2. FAAN- Federal Airport Authority
  3. Arik Airline
  4. Landmark Event Center, Lagos.
  5. Hi Impact Planet & Hi Impact Cruise , Lagos
  6. HOFA- Hotel Owners Forum Abuja Chairman.
  7. Abuja Sheraton Hotel.
  8. Envoy Hotel, Abuja.
  9. Transcorp Hilton Hotel, Abuja
  10. Nigerian Railway Corporation
  11. Green Legacy Abeokuta.
  12. Amusement Park, Abuja.
  13. Delta Airline

Moderator – Mrs. Ini Abimbola.

Panel Session 4.  Waste to Energy-

Energy is the oxygen for most activities and productivity of human life and existence and overtly business existence too. In Nigeria, we are still struggling to meet the required level of energy efficiency for a sustainable productivity. There are various options of energy source to augment the National hydro grid power, including various hybrids of solar, hydro and wind energy, but attention has recently been drawn to the use of waste as source of energy to power productivity at home, office and farm area. There are various new solutions that has been developed in Nigeria and from other countries that ensure that we can convert our various waste to source of energy to power our productivity and sustainable living. To discuss these solutions and more are representatives from the following organizations;

  1. Lafarge Holmc Plc.
  2. Dangote Cement Industry
  3. Dr. Moses Oyatogun- Waste to Biogas through Biodigester
  4. Belema Oil Producing Ltd- RDF from Exploration waste for Cement Company
  5. Dr. Hameed Babatunde- Waste to Syngas and Medical Incinerator
  6. Addryn- Waste to Electricity Machine – Dag Celtic.
  7. Waste to Electricity – Prof. Ejiogu Emenike

Moderator. Mr. Odulesi.

Panel Session 5. Sustainable Exploration and Marine Waste Management.- Oil & Gas Cos, Marine Sector.

This Panel Session will be chronicling marine waste and its management, ranging from plastic waste and it’s associated problems to exploration waste through its value chain. Solutions and new products will be discussed on how these wastes can be sustainably managed for a more sustainable marine life. Extended producers responsibility for the operators for this sector will also be discussed to draw out a time bound commitment to action for all stakeholders. Engagement of stakeholders and getting their compliance commitment is also very important to achieving timely results. Ways and Means of achieving compliance and commitment from all stakeholders will be discussed.  To discuss this and more are the representatives from the following organizations.

  1. NPA- Nigerian Ports Authority
  3. LADOL
  4. African Circle Pollution Mgt. Ltd.
  5. Beleme Oil Producing Ltd.
  6. Dangote Refineries.
  7. Lafarge Cement Industry
  8. Dangote Cement Industry
  9.  Doppstadt-  Exploration Waste machine
  10. Nigerian Customs

Moderator. Mr. Odulesi.