Achieving Zero Waste to Landfill; Ways and Means

Nigeria can generate over N6.5 Trillion annually from sustainable management of waste across the country, from converting waste to Biogas, compost and from export of some of the recyclables, like plastic, metals, can, pet-bottles, paper, cartons, cardboard, used tyres, used batteries and metal scraps, if well synchronized rather than losing everything to the landfill. Various green jobs for young people can also be created as hourly jobs for young school leavers who can be paper, pet bottles, bottles, can and paper collectors. These will be neat jobs that they won't be ashamed of. Families and individuals can earn or be motivated to dispose their waste sorted rather than be paying for the disposal.
nullaquam nunc, accumsan congue.

Zero Wastefair Training

Bio-Digester Construction & Management Master Class. - N160,000. Early birds - N150,000.
Oil & Gas Exploration Waste Collection Master Class - N160,000. Early birds (till 29th October 2018) will be at N150,000. Thereafter it will be at N160,000.

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